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New Course of 8 linked Master Classes for education, health and business professionals starting 16th October in central York and 17th October in central Harrogate – see Events page for more information

In autumn 2013 Inspiring Teams is delighted to support the Oxford Muse Foundation’s Universal Muse Conversations, in York as a not-for-profit entirely voluntary activity. We are planning the next event for November.  See events page for details and to book.

Leadership development coaching motivates you

Leadership development coaching helps you gain specific work-related goals, such as a new job, promotion, or helps you to be more effective in your current job in areas like time-keeping, delegation, relationships at work. With it you make inspiring change, especially as a team leader.

Individual life coaching fulfils you

Individual life coaching inspires you to bring more joy and fulfilment into your life. Like working with a sports coach, working with a life coach helps you choose and gain your goals more quickly than you would on your own or by reading books. Life coaching helps you meet challenges and make changes gaining satisfaction with your job, work/life balance, relationships, health and well being.

Coaching and development is tailored to the specific needs of you or your team, using tried and tested tools.

Team development coaching inspires you

Team development coaching inspires sustained success and long-lasting results. Coaching really makes a difference. Teams raise their game to a whole new level. With it your approach, positivity and productivity flourish. You feel better. You look differently at problems and possibilities. And you excel.

Free Initial Consultation

A free introductory, no obligation consultation is available for life and leadership development coaching, and is always confidential to the client only.

For teamwork development, your 1st consultation is also free enabling us to explore together what will make your team excel.

Over the last 25 years, we have helped hundreds of education, health and business professionals.

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